Saturday, April 22, 2006


As the time gets shorter till I head off to the States I get so wound up!! The biggest thing of course is that I will be seeing my Someone for the first time...and all that that entails. However, just the whole thought of being back in the States...even just for two making me think about how much I have missed being there.

You get used to things in a new place after a while...things that seemed so weird to me last summer aren't that big of a deal now. For example, how many of you eat corn on YOUR burgers? How many of you think you are a total pig cause you ate a whole bag of Ollas and two Dots and washed it down with a Cappy...or even know what I am talking about? How many of you think it's no big deal to hike up five flights of stairs to your apartment? Yeah, like I get used to stuff after a while.

Still and all...I HAVE missed the States and am really looking forward to some of the things that can be enjoyed there. I am looking forward to eating tex-mex, listening to country music on the radio, and going shopping in a place where the employees don't hover over you!! I am hoping that my sis can convince my bro-in-law to bring the kiddoes up to my parents at the farm so I can meet my new little niece and love on my little nephew who turns two tomorrow. I am looking forward to sitting in church and singing in English!! There are many things that make me excited to be going back to the States....

Not the least of which...of Brack!! We have logged a TON of hours on Yahoo Messenger and Skype...and have talked about just about every subject under the sun...I really feel like I know him better than I think I have ever known any guy!! Yet...there is just something to be said about seeing each other spend some time just doing "date" things. Yes, we ARE already talking about the future and he IS planning on having that all important talk with my dad...but I still will really enjoy just spending some face time with my guy. Of course, that will make it all the harder to say goodbye when the time comes for me to come back for the summer!! Ah, well...we will work that out when the time comes!!

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