Monday, April 17, 2006

Wow!! It's been a while!! much has happened lately in my life!! This past month and a half has been pretty full!! I have moved into an efficiency apartment, my roommate Meg has headed back to the States, and I have kept busy teaching English and continuing in the follow-up programs with Livada Orphan Care. If you want a slightly more detailed accounting of what has been going on in my life...check out my xanga...

First big new piece of fam is moving back to Romania...11 years after leaving it last!! They will be working with Bro. Brian Crossley in his ministry to orphans. This time around it will be just Mom and Dad with Beka and Suz will be graduating high school this year and plans to start college this fall. I am excited to hear that Dad is feeling well enough to continue on with missionary work...he had me worried for a while with his heart condition, but he seems to have been doing better these days.

Second BIG piece of news...I have a special Someone now!! His name is Brack and he is a fellow Texan. I actually met him online on a website for current and former members of ATI (the homeschool program that my family is in)...but it has come out since that we do have some acquaintances in common. He is 31 years old, lives just north of Fort Worth, works for his church, and is a moderator on that website mentioned previously. He has already met my family, has spent COUNTLESS hours chatting and voice-chatting with me, and has already indicated that he would like our relationship to progress to a permanent status!! I will be heading to the States next week for a two week visit--during which we will visit both sets of parents!! Please keep us in your prayers---that God will lead in every aspect of this relationship!!

Well, I have now finally updated this page...sorry it has taken me so long...but I will try to keep up with this blog least as much as with my Xanga!!

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