Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kittens, my Someone, and my trip to the US!!

Well....the weather here has not been cooperating...first we get a nice sunny day...then a grey and wet day...and back and forth it goes!! At least I can say that I successfully got moved into my new place!! I am still trying to get organized and such...but at least I am moved and working on the settling part!!

The kittens don't seem to care for the new place much...not sure if it is the smaller amount of space...or the fact that since Meg left they are getting less attention, but truthfully...I can't spend as much time with them as Meg and I could combined!! I really think they will love moving in with my fam out in the country in May!! Meanwhile they are still begging for the popcorn, pizza, and pudding whenever they get the chance!!

I have been keeping busy. Besides my English class and the work with the orphans in Zau and Petelea...this last week a group from Georgia came in to do some stuff with orphan kids and disadvantaged kids as well. I was able to go with them to a day center for poor children two times and help as a translator....such fun!! Of course, there was the settling in to do in my apartment as well as starting to tutor two teens in English...one of whom is getting ready to take the BAC...which is the Romanian equivalent to the SAT.

Now for my ongoing saga...for those of you interested in this part!! I leave two weeks from today for a two week visit to the States!! I am going to see my Someone!! We will visit both sets of parents during this time...as well as have some time for some real "dates"...and I am really getting excited about the trip!! This trip will help be an indicator as to what the next step of the relationship will be...as a long-distance one via instant messenger and email can only go so far. Please keep both me and my Someone in your prayers!!

Well, now I can say that my Xanga is updated...and it's about time, I know!! I'll try to keep ya'll posted on any new developments as they happen...but please be patient!! I am such a bad one with keeping up with journaling...whether online or on paper!!

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