Monday, April 17, 2006

One More Week!! it is...April 17th!! In just a week and a day I will be boarding a train to head down to Bucharest....and from there fly out the next day (April 26th)...for the great state of Texas!!

I am going to see my Someone...and we will be heading off to see my family for a couple days in east Texas....then the next weekend going to see his family in west Texas!! In a way, I am a little much has happened so quickly in this relationship...but yet I really feel a peace about this. That still does not stop me from randomly pinching myself to see if this is real or a dream....or just squealing out when I realize just how much my Brack cares for me!!

Please keep us in your prayers...especially since he will probably be having that all-important talk with my dad by the end of next week!! WOW!! I can hardly believe this!! Who would have thought that by me being way off halfway around the world that God would bring such an awesome person into my life...and all via that still fairly new thing we know as the internet!!

Well, that is my entry for today...sorry for being so gushy!!

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