Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Meal Plans

So I did it...I actually came up with a month of meal plans!! I tried to go for a good mix of new and favorite meals and tried to mostly stick to a plan of themed dinners.
Mondays are leftovers, Tuesdays are tacos, Wednesdays are soup, salad, or sandwiches, Thursdays are crockpot meals, Fridays are pizza, Saturdays are open for whatever, and Sundays are pasta...of course, I am flexible and of course, there are more meals to come up with for the weekends.
So here it is...the month of menus!! We shall see how it works out...and plan next month accordingly!!

8th Breakfast--Oven french toast
8th Lunch--Green salad
8th Dinner--Hamburgers, potato salad
9th Breakfast--Pumpkin bagels and cream cheese
9th Lunch--Mother's Day (I'll let DH figure this one out!!)
9th Dinner--Turkey sandwiches

12th--Tuna salad sandwiches
15th Breakfast--Homemade poptarts
15th Lunch--Pasta Salad, iced tea
15th Dinner--Steaks, mashed potatoes, grilled corn on the cobb
16th Breakfast--Baked scotch eggs
16th Lunch--Green Salad

19th--Minestrone, fresh bread
22nd Lunch--Green salad
23rd Breakfast--Cinnamon quinoa
23rd Lunch--Tuna salad w/crackers
23rd Dinner--Spaghetti Pie

26th--My Birthday (I'll let DH figure this one out!!)
28th--Hamburger Mozzarella Pizza
29th Breakfast--Popovers
29th Lunch--Tuna salad w/crackers
30th Breakfast--Baked oatmeal
30th Lunch--BBQ chicken salad
30th Dinner--Parmesan Pasta
31st--Hamburgers, potato salad, iced tea, homemade ice cream

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