Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recent Cuteness…

I think that if I’m gonna get back into regular blogging, those who follow me will just have to resign themselves to seeing many, many pictures of my cute baby boy…that’s just how it is!!


A long day of errands and refusing to nap makes for a tired boy about 5pm!!


A cute little cloth-diapered butt!!


Playing in the grass for the first time without a blanket…it felt weird to him!!


My little daredevil climbing the foam rocks at the indoor playground!!


Shopping can wear a boy out!!


Jumping in the front entryway…lots of fun!!


Mmmm…he loves sushi (avocado rolls)!!


Loving the nice weather for going to the park!! Swings are fun!!


1 comment:

Lindsay @ Just My Blog said...

What a precious little guy!

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