Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow and our Munchkin!!

So I sort of made a resolution to blog more this year, but somehow still haven’t up to this point!! I do post occasionally about different milestones of Edmund’s on his Facebook page or on mine and I have been pretty good about keeping plenty of recent pictures posted on Facebook. But not everyone is on Facebook and blog posts just seem a little bit more personal in that I’m not limited to just a few sentences…so here I am, trying to get back into blogging once more!!

Edmund will be seven months old on Sunday. Crazy how time flies by and babies grow so quickly!! He is now trying to crawl (he’s got the army crawl down pretty well) and is teething (though no sign of any teeth yet)!! He is such a good, sweet baby and we love him to bits!!

We just had a record snowfall for the Metroplex. I think as of last night they were saying it was 11.2 inches of snow…and it was still snowing at that point!! I was just saying the other day that I prefer snow in the winter to just cold grey yuck, so I love the snow….but then again, I’m not out driving in it!!

I thought I’d just post a few pictures of how pretty the neighborhood looks with all the snow and then give ya’ll a peek at what Edmund and Ami thought of all the snow!! :-)

Our house with lots of snow (and this is after things started getting mushy and melty already)!!


Our neighbors houses…


The view from our backyard across the pond…


Ami is not too sure about the snowman staring into our house…she figures she needs to stand guard in case it tries anything!!


Edmund loved his little snowbaby…he wanted to help me build it!!


Snowballs are pretty cool too!!


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Anna S. said...

Your house is so lovely! Especially with all the snow everywhere, pretty as a picture!

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