Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hurray for Cheap Diapers!!

So a couple weeks ago Target had a gift card deal going on where if you bought three packages of certain diapers at $8.99 a pack, you got a $5 Target gift card. You could use both manufacturers coupons and Target coupons to make the deal even sweeter. I had some of both, so I got three packs of diapers and my money out of pocket for all three was less than $13!! SWEET!!


Now I’ve got a super sweet deal for YOU!! Sign up for a new account at and fill your cart with at least $49 worth of stuff. Don’t think that just because you don’t use disposable diapers that you can’t benefit from this deal because they also have cloth diapers, clothes, toys, potty chairs, slings and baby carriers, you name it!! Even if you don’t have little ones of your own if you have any family or friends with babies you can benefit from this as well…think baby shower gifts!! Why $49 worth of stuff in your cart, you ask? Well, if your order is just over $49 you will receive free shipping!!

Next step is when you check out, make sure you put SIMPLICITY in the referral code box. That will take $10 off your order…if you have at least $49 worth of stuff in your cart.

THEN…print and complete this rebate form. If you want a free subscription to Parenting Early Years Magazine, that’s all you have to do…BUT if you want to have an even sweeter deal on what you bought, you can get $14.97 cash back. All you have to do is print out and fill out the form, then attach proof of payment from your order and send it in.

I ordered two packages of Huggies Overnites diapers, two Halo sleepsacks in a bigger size since Bug is growing so much, and a Baby Bjorn Little Potty. My original total was $49.91, the referral code I used brought it down to $39.91, and once I get my rebate I will have spent only $24.94 out of pocket for all of that!! YAY!!

babybjornlittlepotty huggies halo

Now, don't think after signing up and getting this sweet deal that the good deals are over. I was poking around on the site and discovered that they actually take manufacturers coupons!! Yep, you heard that right!! Send them your paper coupons in the mail and within a couple weeks you will see those savings available in your account, giving you savings off your next order...and EVERY time your order is over $49, you get free shipping!! Awesome, no?

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