Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Stuff...

A bunch of random stuff thrown together...

Susie is finally back in the US after her year of teaching English in Taiwan!! She got to stay with Brack and I for a couple of days till we could take her home over the weekend. I sure did miss my little sister and am glad she's turned into such a beautiful young lady!! I want to have both her and Beka over for visits this summer...but probably not both at the same time. Two teen girls at the same time in our small place...and a cat too...YIKES!!

Ami-punk is still as ornery as ever, but she really is growing--filling out, sleeking up, and sleeping a lot more!! She is gonna be one gorgeous cat...and yes, I know I'm prejudiced!! I have to say...she is my most favorite Valentine's Day present ever!!

The organizing is still progressing, and there IS a light at the end of the tunnel...but right now as I blog, there are at least a couple more loads of laundry to do and there are piles of magazines and papers strewn about!! My mom is on an organizing kick as well and has sent us back home with more of my stored belongings each time we've visited...which then have to be gone thru and dealt with. Since we really are in a small apartment and we are trying to simplify, it's rather interesting to pull out these things of mine that have been stored away for 3-5 years and wonder "why in the world was I keeping THAT?"!! I THINK that I'm down to a packing trunk full of stuff at my parents house now...and that is gonna have to stay put for a while...as I most definately don't have space for my childhood handmade dollhouse and such...but that is something I do want to keep for future kiddoes!!

Something else I've done is started another blog!! Yep, I'm insane!! But actually, this other blog is just to help keep me accountable with my quiet time, planning out my day, and the rest of my early morning routine. I haven't set it as private, but I may. I am not linking to it though. You can figure out how to find it, or ask me and I will let you know how to find it.

Brack's b-day is Thursday, and since I happen to be off work this week we are heading off to Lubbock for a long holiday weekend with friends and family there. David and Danielle are even gonna be out that way too (staying with Josh and Kym)...so that will be even more fun!!

Friday will be four weeks since I was last on Crossings...and though I do miss the MWF some, it hasn't been that hard to find plenty of ways to keep busy. I've read a lot, spent more time with Brack, watched a few really good movies, tried out my DDR that Brack got me when he got his 360, and of course, spent plenty of time getting organized!! I've heard a few Crossings things from Brack (who still follows a few threads). I know that there's some more drama going on now cause someone's always gotta stir up trouble when they are bored. But frankly, why should I let the opinions of someone I barely know get to me? If they've GOT to take it out on someone, I'd rather it not be my husband...believe me, if it gets personal like it did last year, then all bets are off and claws come out!! Otherwise, I could care less is someone wants to be bitchy!! Treaba ta!!

Today starts the beginning of the Wardrobe Refashion challenge. Even though there's been a delay in the invites for guest posting on the blog itself being sent out, today still counts as part of the challenge. I have a few projects in mind to start out with. I've got a pattern and enough material for two aprons...one for myself and one for my poor person in a long-ago PR apron swap!! At least now she lives in the metroplex, so maybe I'll actually be able to pass it on to her in person. I also plan on making a purse organizer...one that will slide down into my massive bag and keep all the little stuff from settling to the bottom!! I found something online the other day that I want to try as well...making a duvet cover from thrifted sheets. It'd be pretty cool to have a bed like the Europeans do...with just a bottom sheet and a duvet with a totally washable cover for the top...way easy to make the bed in the morning!! Then of course, if I have enough time (haha!!) I can always work on our renfaire costumes...which really do need to get done before the fall faires roll around.

To see the results of my organizing and check out some new freebies, head over to my Essential Simplicity blog...cause I'm gonna try to get a couple more posts out here by tomorrow. You need to check out the cool stuff Brack did to help us get organized too...I will post some pics of that as well!!

Oh yeah...and the farmhouse is actually slightly improved!! I took pics of the bathroom when we were there in May and posted them on the "A Home For The Seale Family" group on Facebook, but never got around to posting them on the A Missionary Journey blog...and now the pics are obsolete!! The bathroom is far from finished, but at least there's drywall over most of the insulation in there now and no plastic hanging down from the ceiling!! Dad actually was able to put some stuff around the tub too, so now they can just use a regular shower curtain and don't have to worry about getting everything soaked in there!! Also, Mom's best friend from college was down last week with her husband and he and Dad actually built a small room for Susie off the dining room!! It's not finished out yet, but there's an actual floor, roof, and walls!! Pretty cool!! Of course, they still need a LOT of help getting the place completely livable...so please check out the blog and remember to pray for them!!

Well, as much as I'm NOT looking forward to sorting thru more papers, it's gotta be done...so I'll close this out. I will attempt to post more often...it gets a little hectic and now I've got four blogs of my own...plus two more I need to be posting to...but I've just gotta make myself keep 'em up!!

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