Monday, July 7, 2008

Coming projects...

So we are visiting my MIL and youngest BIL this holiday weekend, which explains the fact that I'm posting so many posts all at once...since I can only blog offline while here and then post them to the web when we get home.

Upcoming projects will be to get another freebie list posted, to get the bedroom in order, and to get previously organized areas of the apartment back in shape (which will only take a few minutes it is so much easier to keep things in shape when you have places to put each thing in order)!!

The bedroom will be the biggest project. We cleared out an old dresser this week and hauled it home to my MIL's place, as it wasn't being used for clothes anyway and was just an excuse for not sorting thru the assorted junk that had made its way into the drawers. Now the plan is to move the dresser we do use, move one of our big bookshelves from the dining room in, reorganize the big bookshelf and the smaller one currently in the bedroom, and just get the whole room in order...making it into our sanctuary from the real world!! I will be making sure to actually get before pictures for this next project!!

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