Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Kitties are GONE!!!

Well, it had to happen sooner or later...I knew I was heading back to the States someday in the future when the kittens were acquired. But now that I am leaving here in less than a week....woohoo....I knew the kitties must go to new homes.

So Hayley went last week to the home of one of the youth pastors from church...I will miss her furry little face!! She was such a cute and cuddly little friend to hang out with when I'd head home to my apartment. But I know she will be loved and cuddled plenty as Tudor and his wife have two small children...and he is a big fan of kittens himself.

Starbucks hung out with me a bit longer...she just went to a new home two days ago. Some girls from Ella's church said they wanted a they came and picked her up on Monday. Poor little thing was so scared to leave with them but I could tell that they would take good care of her...and maybe even treat her to popcorn on occasion!!

So now I am "home alone"...with no meowing and purring going on around me...wah!!! But I know that it is okay cause soon I will be a nanny with a cute little kiddo or two to take care of and will be near my loving fiance too!! Then come November... well...let's just say I won't need a kitten to keep me company in the evening anymore!!

I head out from here on Monday and fly back to the States from Bucharest on in less than 6 days...I will be saying hello to my Someone face to face once again!! Can you believe how quickly all of this has happened? It still amazes me sometimes!!

PS....For those of you with a special interest in my kitties (Liz) is a link to some pics!!

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