Sunday, May 14, 2006

Things Change....Life Changes!!

Well....I know this is a bit late...and most of you who read my xanga blog already know this...but I am an engaged woman now!!

On Friday, April 28th...Brack asked me to marry him and I said yes...of course!!

The whole story is on our new blog...

This means that my life will be changing in many different ways. The first thing is that I will be leaving my beloved Romania next month and heading back to my home state of Texas.

I will really miss the fun and friends I have made here and I hope they know that they will always hold a special place in my heart. To me...Romania will always be my second home and I will never forget it and the impact it has made on my life!! The friends I have made here...both while here with my family, on various summer trips back, and especially this last year...will always be remembered with love and I hope to never lose touch with them!!

The move back to the US in early June will be another I will be finding a place to live and a job in the DFW area....and also begin to plan for a fall wedding!! Thank the Lord that I will be able to buy my car back from the family friends that bought it from me last year...that will be one less thing to worry about when I get back.

Another change is that I am an aunt again...little Luke Aidan was born to my brother John and his wife Dayana on May 4th...a big boy with a big smile and chubby cheeks!! I look forward to being able to spoil him a BUNCH...along with his cousins Lydia and Josiah!!

Another change is that my family and I are basically switching places and it will be another 4 years at least till we are living on the same continent once again!! My mom and dad and the three youngest arrived in Romania yesterday and are getting settled in. They will be working with another missionary family and their children's home.

I have no idea when the whole family will be once again on the same continent my brother Steve and his wife Syrena will be in Korea till next fall and we are still waiting for my brother John's wife Dayana to get her visa so that she and little Luke Aidan can get to the States!!

As I sit here typing this in a net cafe halfway around the world from Brack I can't help missing him and hoping to see him...but I will spare you my gushiness this Brack can be gushy enough for the both of us!! So I will just close this out before I do start gushing...or boring you all with wedding plans!!

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