Saturday, February 9, 2008

My New Blogs!!

So a little less than two weeks ago I posted about simplifying my that point I'd mostly simplified my online presence. Since then, I've completely gone thru my clothes and my half of the closet, taken one load to Goodwill, am in the process of selling a couple bags worth of clothes, and have another load ready for Goodwill.

Anyway, as you may recall, I moved all my Yahoo 360 blog posts over to Blogger and started moving Xanga posts over there as well. I am really loving Blogger since I can have one profile and multiple I get to play around with HTML!! So, without further ado...let me introduce my new blogs!!

Random Days is my regular blog....the one that will eventually at some point in the future replace my xanga blog...though not for a good while yet. Meanwhile, I will be posting here and there simultaneously.

A Missionary Journey is the blog I have started to rally people toward helping my career missionary parents get into a decent house before next winter. This one is still a check it out in a week or so...

Essential Simplicity is my newest blog...and I'm pretty excited about it!! My goal in having this blog is to help keep myself accountable for the goals I’ve set to simplify my life and to help encourage others who have decided to follow this lifestyle themselves. The things I will concentrate on here will be to simplify in these main areas: cleaning, organizing, shopping, cooking, etc. Other things touched on will be simplifying life online, simplifying activities offline, using resources to find cheap or free fun, getting or staying in shape, staying healthy, etc.

So anyway...please check them out and let me know what you think!!

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