Monday, February 18, 2008

Bathroom drawers and cabinets...oh MY!!

Today...since I'm insane...I tackled the bathroom cabinets and drawers...thinking "Ahh, shouldn't be TOO hard"...WRONG!! I am SOOO tired, and you don't even wanna see the odds and ends still on the countertop to deal with...I've still got a good 20 minutes of work...just to get the bathroom back to looking like it did this morning...when all the junk was hiding behind closed doors!!
In any case though...I DID get it done. Sorting thru all the vitamins and meds and tossing the old stuff, deciding what toiletries to pass on to others (hey, the unopened ones will make nice little gifts!!), and trashing/giving away some other stuff. Granted, the pics are a little more bare than the shelves will usually be...seeing as there are at least 3 towels that need to be put in the one cabinet...and that we are almost out of toilet paper!! All in all DOES look a whole lot better. Even though I'm tired...I am happy!! One more area organized and simplified!!

1 comment:

Jeezus said...

why does cleaning always take longer than originally expected, yet when your done you always tell yourself it wassnt to bad and your gonna make a better effort to stay more organized... and you dont, of course.

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