Friday, September 1, 2006

A definition of globalization....

Got this from a Romanian friend...please bear with me if it sounds a bit stilted in English...I had to translate it myself...

Question: What is the most real definition of globalization?

Answer: The death of Princess Di.

Question: How's that?

Answer: A British princess with an Egyptian lover is in an accident in a French tunnel while riding in a German car with a Dutch motor that is driven by a Belgian (who was drunk with Scottish whisky) while being chased by Italian paparazzi on Japanese motorbikes. The princess was treated by an American doctor with Brazilian medicine. (And you are reading this on a computer that uses Taiwanese microchips and has a Korean monitor that was assembled by workers from Bangladesh in a factory in Singapore and transported by ship by people from India).

What do you think of that? Mai zi ceva!

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