Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Weekend


We headed out for East Texas late Friday afternoon and it was very late before we arrived at the farm...and of course we then stayed up even later visiting before finally getting to bed!! Then on Saturday we spent most of the day visiting with Mom, Dad, Andrew, Grandma, Stephen, Syrena, and Lightening. Syrena saw Bug's tee shirt and realized that Lightning had the same shirt, so the cousins were dressed alike...which was really cute. We got to meet Patrick before he whisked Susanna off for a fun day out and later Rebekah came by with Little Rock. We then headed out for the B's late in the afternoon and got to chill out and visit with them for a while before finally heading to bed. On Sunday we headed out to church with the B's (practically around the corner from their house). After church we went back to the B's to get some food together and then we went and spent the afternoon with some friends of theirs...then headed back to rest for a bit cause we'd need it before the big party!! We really didn't do anything for Brack's birthday besides wish him a good one, but he'll share a party soon with Edmund!!

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