Monday, May 12, 2008

Organizing a Teenage Girl's Bedroom!!

As I stated in a previous post today, it has been rather hectic the last two months with lots going on!! One weekend, about two weeks ago, we went to my parents old house in the country. (To read about my goal of helping them get that house in decent shape, please visit my A Missionary Journey blog).

The big project that weekend was to help my sister get her room organized. I have to admit that organizing and keeping things organized is not something she's good at naturally!! She really needed some help to clear out unnecessary stuff and to get the rest organized in a neat fashion.

We started out about 11am and didn't finish till just after 10:30pm with only a few breaks here and there...but I think it was worth it and turned out pretty great...what do you think? Here are the before and after pics!!









1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow. these renovations are amazing!!

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