Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Bit of a Catch-Up Post!!

So, I guess I kinda left my handful of followers hanging a few months back with promises of pictures from Bug's birthday bash!! Life kinda got crazy, but here I am attempting once again to start blogging regularly!! So let's do some catching up!!


First off...the promised pics of the birthday bash!! 

The driveway was lined with orange cones leading up to the door and in the entryway were hard hats and aprons for the kids (these were their party favors).
 The table was decorated to look like a road...all in black, orange, and yellow!! 
 A few construction books and vehicles decorated the living room as well.
 The kids had sack lunches...just like "struction" workers!! 
Adults had pizza and iced tea.
The birthday boy with his cupcakes. The kids had mini cupcakes and popsicles...
all made in peanut free facilities. Adults had an Oreo ice cream cake.
The happy birthday boy thanking guests for his gifts!! 


Also in July, Brack got to fulfill a dream he's had for a while...
getting to drive an awesome and powerful sports car!! 


In August, my sister-in-law Jana came with her three kids and we had three days of non-stop go-go-go!! One day at the zoo, one day at the botanical gardens, and one day at Sealife Aquarium and Legoland!! Here are a few of the pics from those crazy busy days!!


How's that for a recap of mid-July through mid-August? I will be posting several times over the next few days to get all caught up...cause there were a LOT of pics in this post!! 

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