Monday, April 11, 2011

My Minimalist Wardrobe Wish List

Here is my wish list for what I’d consider a good basic minimalist wardrobe…now to get it together!!

*2-3 dressier tops
*5 lightweight tops that could be layered
*5 tank tops
*5 casual sleeveless dresses that hit right at/above knee
*2 dressier dresses (LBD and a fun print)
*1-2 cute knee length skirts
*1-2 long skirts
*1 pair black slacks
*2 pair bootcut medium wash jeans
*2 wraps (black and fun color)
*2 cardigans (black and fun color)
*1 black trench coat with removable liner
*3 pairs of modesty shorts
*5 pinafore style aprons
*1 pair chunky boots
*1 pair chunky flips
*1 pair ballet flats
*1 pair sandals
*1 pair cheap flips
*1 pair dressy heels
*1 pair good athletic shoes
*3 bras
*7 pairs panties
*14 pairs socks
*3 sets of three-piece pajamas (top/bottom/cami)
*2 sets workout wear (top/bottom)
*2 swimsuits w/coverups

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