Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beka's Wedding

My youngest sister Rebekah got married last Sunday. It's hard for me to think of her as a married woman, since many of my most vivid memories of her are when she was a little tomboy whose antics earned her the nickname of "Monkey"!! I can remember like it was yesterday when she was 4 or 5 and she scared the living daylights out of my mom by climbing up the rope swing in our backyard to the branch that was even with our second floor windows and hanging off the branch!! Then when she was a little older, maybe around eight or so, she would literally climb the walls in the narrow hallway outside the bedrooms and scare people by peeking in the windows that were above the doors!!

Christmas Sprite dizzy Cutsa

But now she is married at the young age of eighteen and a half...just out of high school. Her husband Ryan is 22 and is even taller than Brack, though just as thin as Brack was before marriage filled him out a wee bit!! She made a beautiful bride (looked just like Mom did when she was a young bride).

becuta wedding 4 becuta wedding 7

becuta wedding 1 Mom & Dad wedding

My brother Steve came to the wedding with his wife Syrena and their new little guy Caedryn (what a cutie)!! My sis Melody was able to fly down for the wedding, and my SIL Dayana and her little guy Luke were there as well. Unfortunately the military had to be ornery as usual, so my brother John was unable to come. Seems like the military make it their job to always keep at least one sibling out of the mix whenever there is a family function!! But all in all, it was a nice weekend and a beautiful wedding.

caedryn becuta wedding 2

luke becuta wedding 3

I will come back to edit this with a few more pictures once I can snag some pics that have me and Brack, my mom and dad, Steve and Syrena, and Andrew in them...somehow I didn't get many pics!!

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