Monday, January 28, 2008

Simplicity...and other stuff...

So,'s been a while since I blogged...even when I started out the year determined to be a bit more consistent with it. Ahh, well..."the best laid plans of mice and men", right?

So my temp job came to an end almost three weeks I decided that I really don't like sitting at a desk all day...duh!! So I tried going for the nanny thing again...and had a couple interviews so far...but the jobs went to others...though I do have an opportunity to work for the one mom part-time running errands and babysitting some I may go ahead and take her up on that. I should just do that...then get a 20 hr/week job at Starbucks for the benefits and free coffee...and then see if I can get my own little business started. I realized that I really can be brutal in sorting, weeding out, and organizing other people's if I could turn that into a business...that would be awesome. I actually like doing that sort of thing...weird, I know...but that's me!!

I've really decided to simplify and streamline my life as well...starting with deleting a lot of my online accounts. I actually completely closed out my accounts on Myspace, Yahoo 360, Tickle, and Friendster...will soon be closing out my accounts on Flixster and Hi5...and have been ruthlessly pruning out old email on my Hotmail and Yahoo accounts in anticipation of moving all email just to my Gmail accounts (which then funnel into my Outlook)...

I moved my old Yahoo 360 blog posts over to my Blogger account and have started copying my Xanga posts over to there as well. I won't be leaving Xanga for a good bit yet, but am going to be posting simultaneously for a while. With Blogger I can have one dashboard for my regular blog, the blog I've started to rally people to help my folks get into a decent house, and a future blog I want to start about living eventually I will be completely moved over there...but not for a while yet!!

I will not be completely swearing off the worries!! But I figure if I can get it down to just Gmail, Facebook, a few blog feeds, a few message boards, and my own blog....then I will be doing pretty good. It is just too easy to get sucked into wasting too much time on social networks and slogging thru junk email!!

There's a lot more I could blog about tonight...but if I blog about everything tonight, then I'll not have much (if anything) to blog about tomorrow!!

Here's hoping you all are doing great and staying warm!!

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